Customer identities are your most important asset

    Protect your customers' funds and their identity from account takeover (ATO) fraud with real-time advanced account fraud prevention solutions.

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    The hardest form of identity theft to detect

    Unlike a stolen credit card, usually discoverable by a consumer in a few days, a breached user account or stolen identity can go undetected for weeks or even months. In fact, cybercriminals usually change the email address attached to the hacked account so that victims never receive notifications or alerts from the original merchant. It can have a devastating long-term ripple effect for both an individual and a business that failed to protect the customer’s identity.

    Let us fight on your side

    Stopping identity fraud early significantly reduces the amount of damage that a cyber thief can cause. Vesta builds on 25+ years of our expertise in detecting card-not-present (CNP) transaction fraud to mitigate many common attacks at the account level, without waiting until the malicious actor attempts a financial transaction.

    Synthetic identity

    In this scenario, the intruder creates a new account using multiple previously stolen consumer data elements to create a fictitious (or synthetic) identity, with the goal of long-term, high-value theft. Vesta Account Protect can perform multiple checks on the PII to determine if the new account belongs to a real individual.

    Credential stuffing and cracking

    This attack uses previously obtained breach data such as usernames and passwords. The cybercriminals often use bots to stuff or crack accounts and perform ATO activities, such as digital gift card purchases, which often take place within minutes. Vesta Account Protect uses our proprietary AI/ML decisioning technology to stop the bad actors quickly.


    How Vesta Account Protect can help

    Learn how you can detect many common identity theft attack scenarios at the account level.

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