Bukalapak gets double-digit guarantee approval rates and delights customers with a seamless shopping experience

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    vodafone flag The Challenge

    Bukalapak is one of Indonesia's all-Commerce companies with more than 110 million consumers using the site. They enable a large segment of businesses (small, medium, family owned etc.) to offer their services and goods through their platform.

    With the massive growth in eCommerce, Bukalapak - like other merchants - has experienced increased risk due to fraudulent transactions. They have been tackling this through a combination of in-house capabilities and various third-party acquired fraud tools with moderate to little success. This has led to lost online sales and poor experience for their customers.

    Bukalapak knew that this was not a long-term solution for them, and they needed to adopt a solution that leverages modern techniques to identify and thwart fraud before it happens, as well as improve online sales through a seamless experience for their customers.

    “By Partnering with Vesta we are able to provide a secure and seamless experience for our customers, grow our sales and guarantee approval rates while maintaining guardrails to keep the fraudster away. It is great to work with a fraud partner who focuses on growing guarantee approvals as much as stopping fraud.“

    Desy Hartono | VP of Payment Strategy and Partnerships, Bukalapak

    vodafone thumbsup The Solution

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    Vesta support for Bukalapak services

    Bukalapak selected Vesta’s Payment Guarantee  fraud prevention solution to increase transaction approval rates and eliminate chargeback risk while solving for a secure transaction experience for their customers.

    Vesta has been successful in detecting and preventing card-not-present fraud for global merchants for over 26 years with real-time transaction decisions approving more valid credit card transactions and offering zero fraud liability.  

    vodafone growth The Results


    Enhanced digital customer experience

    By leveraging Vesta's Payment Guarantee fraud prevention solution, Bukalapak was able to eliminate all chargeback risks associated with legitimate transactions and reduce friction in their existing checkout flow for their customers by 20% while maintaining a 93% guarantee approval rate.

    vodafone magnifying-glassAbout Bukalapak

    Bukalapak is one of Indonesia's all-Commerce companies. It enables small and medium enterprise businesses, as well as smaller traditional family-owned businesses to offer their services online. More than 110 million users utilize the site for various virtual and physical goods transactions.

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