How Vesta helped CardNow launch their eCommerce store and achieve a +90% transaction approval rate

    vodafone flag The Challenge

    As eGift card usage has surged in recent years, gift card fraud is becoming a serious concern for merchants. When CardNow was preparing to launch their eCommerce business in early-2020, they knew that partnering with a fraud solution provider would be essential to keeping their fraud costs low while maximizing approvals of legitimate transactions.    

    The goal of the engagement was to integrate the company’s eCommerce store with Vesta’s transaction guarantee platform to eliminate fraud and enable secure customer transactions.  

    "The Vesta team was extremely helpful during our integration - both through an API for a custom app and through an eCommerce platform plugin. The integration only took about 4 weeks, and our current transaction approval rate is over 90%, which is higher than we’ve historically experienced in the gift card space. The team at Vesta created a model that meets all of our needs and we are very satisfied."

    Matt Frye | CEO at CardNow

    vodafone thumbsup The Solution


    Vesta's Solution for CardNow

    CardNow needed a fraud solution that would easily integrate with their custom mobile app, as well as their eCommerce store, which enables the selling and distribution of inactive gift cards, for consistent risk processing across both channels. It was important they had a single integration that would handle both risk review and indemnification, as well as credit card authorizations. 

    CardNow selected Vesta’s Payment Guarantee solution to eliminate their fraud liability. 

    vodafone growth The Results


    Enhanced transaction approval rates

    Within four weeks our team was able to successfully get CardNow’s mobile app and ecommerce store fully integrated with our transaction guarantee and fraud elimination platform.

    The company’s current transaction approval rate is running above 90%, which covers a mix of both physical gift cards and eGift cards. Gift cards are notoriously high-risk, and the CardNow team has never seen approval rates climb above 90% in this sector, further illustrating the value of Vesta’s Payment Guarantee solution. 


    Key Outcomes

    • Elevated customer checkout experience 
    • Achieved more than a 90% approval rate for high-risk product line 
    • Quick and seamless implementation 
    • Zero chargeback liability for customer  

    vodafone magnifying-glass About CardNow

    CardNow is a gift card retailer that sells ready-to-load gift cards for a variety of different stores and restaurants, which are often used by companies as rewards for employees. The gift cards are sold in a reusable box that customers can instantly reload via CardNow’s mobile app so they have the perfect gift whenever they need it.  

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