Accept more orders and stop fraudulent chargebacks

    Worry-free, risk-free, guaranteed fraud protection for online store owners.

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    Small and mid-sized business owners need to focus on maximizing revenue instead of recouping losses

    The Vesta Payment Guarantee extension helps good orders go up and chargebacks disappear. 

    never pay

    Never pay for a fraudulent chargeback

    Run your business without the fear of fraud with our 100% guarantee on approved orders.

    approve more

    Approve more legitimate orders

    Auto-cancelling orders is not always the answer. Our sophisticated data science makes accurate decisions, letting more good orders through seamlessly.

    any size business

    Perfect for any size business

    Whether you run 10 or 10,000 transactions per month, we’ve got you covered with the same full-service protection.

    Easy to install and use - get the extension today!

    The Vesta Payment Guarantee plugin is always available for a 30-day free trial. Our pricing is flexible and can be tailored to fit the size of your business. Vesta is available on the following eCommerce marketplaces:

    Why Vesta over other fraud apps

    Other apps just auto-decline orders

    Auto-declining can quickly turn into over-declining. Vesta strives to approve as many legitimate transactions as possible to maximize your revenue.

    Other apps only run surface-level checks

    Today’s savvy fraudsters are smarter than that. Vesta uses sophisticated technology and data analytics to detect anomalies and patterns that surpass the obvious.

    Other apps don’t guarantee orders

    It’s like insurance for your transactions. If Vesta guarantees an order and it turns out to be fraudulent, we cover the transaction cost and all chargeback fees.

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    Get the answers to all your questions about fraud and chargebacks for your online business