Guaranteed Fraud Protection for Shopify

    Our solution automatically declines fraudulent transactions and approves valid ones.

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    Shopify eCommerce Store Owners

    Chargeback Automations

    Set it and forget it. Gain access to fully automated chargeback reimbursement end-to-end. Plus, we’ll cover 100% of your chargeback fees on every transaction we approve.

    Increased Approved Transactions

    Inaccurate fraud detection often declines legitimate transactions. Vesta’s machine learning intelligence keeps you safe and your good customers happy while raising your approval rate by an average of 12%.

    Revenue Protection

    Rest assured that the revenue you earned today will not be reversed due to a fraud chargeback. Vesta has you covered.

    Advanced ML Tech & 25+ Years of Preventing Fraud

    Stop fraud with Vesta’s cutting-edge ML technology and our 25 years of fraud expertise. We help you eliminate most chargebacks related to payment fraud and automatically reimburse you for any bad transactions we may have missed.

    0% Automated fraud chargeback fee reimbursement
    0% Average increase in approved transactions
    0 Annual volume of payment transactions analyzed
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    Turn on guaranteed fraud protection for your store

    With Vesta’s Payment Guarantee extension for Shopify retailers, we stand behind every approved transaction and help merchants increase sales conversions.

    Activate guaranteed fraud protection for your Shopify store

    Combat fraud with Vesta's Payment Guarantee extension for online retailers using Shopify.

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    What’s new at Vesta

    Learn how to get insights into the reasons behind payment approval decisions with Vesta Payment Guarantee solutions.

    Hear the confidence of Vesta’s clients

    Discover how our sophisticated fraud prevention solution protected and enabled dramatic growth for Shopify retailers merchants.

    Vesta’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection app for Shopify was easy to install. What I like most about it was the automatic chargeback reimbursement feature. With Vesta, I’m able to approve more orders, eliminate chargeback fees, and stop fraud – all on the Shopify platform.

    Benjamin Martin | Sr. Manager, Digital, Pure Fishing