How EE increased payment approvals, enhanced the digital customer experience, and eliminated card-not-present fraud

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    vodafone flag The Challenge

    EE was experiencing a problem common to most prepaid mobile operators – how to control card-not-present fraud on direct top-up channels without negatively impacting payment approval and denying good customers.

    EE turned to Vesta for help because traditional risk management systems were increasing transaction decline rates and introducing friction into the payment process.

    vodafone thumbsup The Solution


    Vesta enhanced EE's transaction approval rates

    Vesta’s Guaranteed Payment solution pairs 25 years of global telco fraud prevention expertise with the security of revenue protection.

    We leverage a proprietary risk decision engine and an expansive data network to deliver real-time fraud decisions that drive higher payment approval, reduce payment friction, and support revenue growth.

    Our system incorporates machine learning, anomaly detection, behavioral patterns, and link analysis to isolate and stop fraudApproved transactions are protected against revenue loss from fraud related chargebacks, fines and fees 

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    vodafone growth The Results


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    Enhanced Digital Customer Experience

    • Vesta's Payment Guarantee solution helped EE to eliminate fraud, while improving the digital top-up experience
    • Card payment approval for direct top up channels increased by more than 10% and friction was removed from the payment process resulting in higher customer satisfaction for these services  
    • Efficient and consistent top-up experiences across all channels 
    • Acceptance of International credit and debit cards 
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    Maximizing Revenue

    • Increased conversion rates 
    • Eliminated fraud risk 
    • Reduced PCI scope 

    vodafone magnifying-glass About EE

    EE, part of the BT Group, is the largest and most advanced digital communications company in Britain, delivering mobile and fixed communications services.

    EE has more than 500 retail stores, and services more than 31 million connections across its mobile, fixed and wholesale networks.

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