November 6, 2020

    The Paypers Webinar: Why do most account fraud strategies fail?

     Vesta's SVP of Product and fraud industry expert from AITE Group talk about account fraud strategies and trends in new spoofing techniques in this webinar.


    Webinar presented by The Paypers with AITE Group and Vesta


    Srividya Sunderamurthy, SVP Product at Vesta

    David Mattei, Senior Analyst at AITE Group


    Melisande Mual, ThePaypers Managing Director

    Typical Account Fraud approaches have tried to string point solutions to deal with individual nuances of the problem. The need of the hour is a fully orchestrated holistic fraud solution that protects every aspect of the account lifecycle from account opening to monitoring to risk-based frictionless authentication.

    Watch the webinar recording to learn about the interesting trends from Aite Group and very unique approach to address the issue from Vesta.

    - The rising issue of account (takeover) fraud

    - Why this type of fraud is so hard to detect

    - How to rethink processes and tooling in order to detect and prevent this type of fraud

    - The link between account fraud and payments fraud



    Vesta Team

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