Detect and stop account fraud early

    Vesta Account Protect can detect criminal fraud activity at the account level before it affects your customers and your business.

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    Make the first move

    Stopping account fraud early reduces the amount of damage that an identity thief can do. With Vesta Account Protect, you can detect and prevent fraud at the account level, without waiting until the fraudster attempts a financial transaction.

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    Fighting fraud at all levels

    Account takeover fraud is a growing concern for financial institutions, eCommerce merchants, and virtually any organization that offers products or services that can be monetized. Vesta Account Protect enables you to detect multiple identity theft scenarios, including synthetic identity, SIM swap, and credential stuffing and cracking.

    Synthetic identity account fraud

    When new account creation is attempted, Account Protect evaluates the incoming PII and verifies the identity. Your application can use that decision to create an account or deny the account creation to prevent synthetic fraud.

    Credential stuffing and cracking

    For each login attempt, Account Protect evaluates previous login attempt history and frequency, user behavioral data, and IP information to return a decision. Your application then can use it to deny access to the account or challenge for MFA.

    SIM swap

    When the SIM swap is detected, Account Protect evaluates account activity and allows your application to accept the change, reject it, or challenge for MFA.

    Protect Your Customers

    Learn how you can protect your customers from synthetic identity account fraud, credential stuffing and cracking, and SIM swap.

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    What’s new at Vesta

    Your digital transformation, fraud-free

    Learn how to grow your revenue by protecting your accounts and delivering a secure, frictionless customer experience.

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