Infographic: Your Fraud Protection Might be Turning Away Good Customers

    Find the happy medium between fraud protection and customer experience

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    For online merchants, the tangible cost of fraud has never been higher...

    It’s no surprise that many e-commerce vendors are implementing sophisticated fraud protection measures to prevent fraud as much as possible, but these measures are resulting in another, more hidden cost.

    In today’s world, customers expect a seamless, streamlined shopping experience that allows them to get in and checkout with as few obstacles as possible. Not only can your fraud protection measures cause an increase in cart abandonment rates, but they can also cause perfectly legitimate orders to be rejected.

    In this Infographic, you'll learn:

    • Contextual data on how fraud affects consumer behavior
    • The most common friction points in the online shopping experience
    • Insights into the correlation between fraud protection and customer satisfaction
    • How to streamline the shopping experience without opening the door to potential fraud

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