How a Major Latin American Telecommunications Provider Achieved a +95% Approval Rate with Vesta Payment Guarantee

    vodafone flag The Challenge

    A major Latin American telco provider approached Vesta with the challenge of stabilizing the high fraud rate they were experiencing with their eCommerce store for prepaid and postpaid mobile devices.

    Prepaid telco products are targeted by fraudsters because the payment process is anonymous, the products are high value, and can easily be resold. This telco customer wanted to maintain their presence in the eCommerce space but thought the fraud risk was too high and they did not have the resources to manage the problem in-house.

    The goal of the engagement was to lower the fraud rate and increase approvals of legitimate transactions for their eCommerce store, while still growing the channel and increasing revenue.

    vodafone thumbsup The Solution


    Vesta’s Solution for Increasing Approvals

    The customer needed a solution that would offer fraud indemnification for their online store, while dramatically reducing the risk associated with selling prepaid telco products. They selected Vesta’s Payment Guarantee solution to eliminate fraud liability and help grow their eCommerce store into a sustainable, revenue-generating channel.

    Payment Guarantee pairs 25 years of global telco fraud prevention expertise with the security of revenue protection. The solution leverages a proprietary risk decision engine and an expansive data network to deliver real-time fraud decisions that reduce payment friction and support revenue growth.

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    vodafone growth The Results


    Increased Revenue & Approval Rate

    Since partnering with this operator nearly ten years ago, Vesta has taken their eCommerce channel from $0 earnings per month to $62.5 million earnings per month. The cost of manual transaction review has been eliminated, and they’re seeing approval rates of 98% for postpaid products, and 93% for prepaid products.

    Vesta's deep integrations and payment expertise made us the optimal solution provider for their online store, and we continue to expand our engagement with the client after a decade of working together.


    Key Outcomes

    • Achieved approval rates of 98% for postpaid products, and 93% for prepaid products
    • Built the client’s card-not-present channel from scratch
    • Eliminated chargeback expenses due to fraud 
    • Ensured a frictionless payment experience for users
    • Increased approval rates by over 60%
    • Significantly reduced false declines

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