Back End News: How to stay ahead of the latest fraud trend... SIM card swap fraud


    Shabab Muhaddes, Vesta's GM of Asia-Pacific, recently published an article on Back End News about the latest fraud trend to look out for: SIM card swap fraud.

    SIM card swap fraud is a growing problem that telecommunication companies and consumers alike are having deal with. Bad actors are taking advantage of the security inefficiencies that eSIM cards have to steal phone numbers and defraud mobile service providers. 

    In the article, Shabab covers a variety of topics, including:

    • Why eSIM cards are fueling the rise of SIM swap fraud
    • The cost that SIM swap fraud imposes on consumers and telcos
    • How to prevent SIM swap fraud from occurring

    Read the full article at the Back End News website

    Vesta Team

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