PayPod Podcast: Combating Chargeback Fraud with Vesta CEO, Ron Hynes

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    Vesta CEO, Ron Hynes made a recent guest appearance on an episode of PayPod: The Payment and Fintech Podcast, which explores the fast-changing world of payments and fintech.

    In episode 168, “Combating Chargeback Fraud with Ron Hynes of Vesta”, Ron joins host Scott Hawksworth to discuss how merchants and organizations can stay ahead of new fraudulent tactics, especially amid the rise of card-not-present (CNP) transactions.

    Here’s what you can expect to learn:
    • The true cost of fraud for merchants
    • Tactics that merchants can use to protect their customers from the threat of chargeback fraud
    • The best philosophy to keep in mind with regard to customer friction when developing anti-fraud tools

    Listen to the full episode here

    Vesta Team

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