Vesta Payment Guarantee: Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Vesta protect my revenue?

    Vesta’s zero-fraud-liability guarantee completely protects your revenue from all fraud chargeback liability. If Vesta approves a payment, and the cardholder files a fraud chargeback claim later, we will cover the loss and any associated fees.


    How does Vesta help increase my revenue?

    Vesta Payment Guarantee helps you maximize your revenue by increasing approvals and eliminating friction for shoppers. Approval decisions take place with no high friction verification steps. The time between checkout and transactions approval feels instant, which means good shoppers won’t get frustrated by approval delays. Even for non-guaranteed orders, you can use Vesta’s Order Summary page to get more information and choose to capture some of these anyway to further increase approvals.


    Where is the product available?

    Vesta Payment Guarantee is currently available in NA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. Merchants in these countries can use Vesta’s proven AI-based fraud intelligence technology to stop digital payments fraud and increase their approval rate while providing a friction-free shopping experience for their customers.


    How do I automatically approve guaranteed orders?

    If we guarantee the order, you’re at no risk of losing revenue due to fraud chargebacks. Because of this, most of our customers will choose to automatically capture any guaranteed order.


    Can I manually review orders?

    Yes. When Vesta declines an order, it still gives you an option to decide whether you’d like to accept it. If you accept Vesta-declined order, and the customer still files a chargeback, this transaction is not covered.


    Is Vesta Payment Guarantee offered on my eCommerce platform?

    Vesta offers an extension for Shopify merchants called Guaranteed Fraud Protection that is based on our Payment Guarantee solution. It rids them from fraud liability completely to reduce associated costs and help frictionlessly accept more legitimate transactions. Currently, it is Vesta’s only live product for eCommerce platforms. As Payment Guarantee expands its footprint, it will continue providing accurate, real-time order assessments, which can be used to automate decisions while reducing the number of credit card declines and potential friction points for shoppers.


    I already have chargeback protection included with the payment gateways. How can Vesta help?

    While many leading gateways provide some level of fraud chargeback protection, store owners still need to request reimbursement from the gateways. Vesta Payment Guarantee can help you increase your approval rates by curbing false declines. With Vesta’s solution, you can enjoy an average transaction approval rate of 97% or higher.


    How does Vesta’s fraud detection work?

    We use our consortium of data across hundreds of millions of eCommerce transactions and decades of expertise in fraud prevention, to stop a variety of different types of payment fraud with a degree of accuracy that is not possible for an individual store to achieve based on its own data. For example, our time-tested Payment Guarantee technology can measure the risk of fraud by analyzing vast amounts of data associated with previous shoppers’ history and behavior. It then calculates the risk of a future fraud claim and guarantees which orders can be accepted safely. If desired, the store owner can then have our system automatically capture or cancel orders, knowing that they’ll never experience fraud loss again.

    Ready to learn more?

    Vesta Payment Guarantee is a proven, fully managed service that helps digital businesses eliminate payment fraud risks completely. If you're interested in learning more about our Payment Guarantee solution, request a demo and someone from our team will be in touch.

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