Delivering the smartest decisions technologically possible

    A true cloud-native global infrastructure powered by AI, ML and human intelligence.

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    Purpose-built to protect and empower today's demanding eCommerce ecosystem. 

    Vesta Marketecture Stage 1

    → User-friendly console

    Our solutions begin with the customer lens – a simple set of flexible integration methods that allow you to deploy our solutions easily across all digital channels-- website, native applications, IVRs etc. 

    → Unmatched data analyzed by superior ML

    The combination of our global consortium data, behavioral and device fingerprint information, plus additional third-party data feeds our real-time network analysis. 

    In milliseconds, we establish and analyze linkages between incoming transactions and the entire data set that has billions of unique identities to derive patterns, detect anomalies to get the highest surety decision about the risk associated with the transaction.

    → Value added pre- and post-authorization

    While so much of this happens pre-authorization, the value does not stop there.

    We offer additional tools to help you analyze transactions offline, deal with chargeback management, as well as proactively detect anomalies as we compare elements of an identity across other transactions within our network.

    Our benefits

    Advanced fraud detection icon

    Advanced fraud detection

    Advanced fraud detection leverages best-in-class data to analyze behaviors, devices, orders, and payment history.

    Innovative technology icon

    Innovative technology

    State-of-the-art ML techniques provide innovative link analysis with a global data consortium.

    Supports every payment type icon

    Supports every payment type

    ACH, debit, credit, gift cards, as well as alternative payment methods such as, PayPal, digital wallets, cryptocurrency and others are safe and sound with Vesta.

    Multi-layered approach icon

    Multi-layered approach

    Our multi-layered approach uses artificial intelligence (AI )and machine learning (ML) technologies, regularly updated to detect fraud patterns and anomalies.

    Guaranteed transaction icon

    Guaranteed transactions

    Guarantees all approved digital transactions, eliminating fraud risk and liability.

    Fully orchestrated icon

    Fully orchestrated

    Fully-orchestrated solution integrates painlessly to one vendor for comprehensive fraud detection.

    The proof is in the platform

    link analysis

     Analyzing connections between transactions to uncover fraud patterns

    • Use graph network analysis to easily identify connections between fraudsters.
    • Get a more holistic view of fraud vectors and the ecosystem.
    • Instantly visualize shared data points such as emails, phone numbers, etc. between individuals or entities.

    A trillion data points analyzed by unparalleled machine learning

    • Enable real-time decisions leveraging a massive repository of device and behavioral data points.
    • Shape business rules with advanced machine learning decisions.
    • Get faster views of good versus bad consumer patterns with graph link analysis of complex data patterns.
    • Leverage automated models trained in just hours for faster decisioning.
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    User-friendly, customer-centric console adapts to your customization needs

    • Moves away from static reporting to more flexibility.
    • Input positive and/or negative lists for more convenience than traditional rules-only decisions.
    • Move at your own pace with self-service onboarding.

    See the platform in action

    Take a tour of our capabilities in this 2-minute demo video.