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As the growth of e-commerce accelerates, fraudsters have increased their focus on exploiting online and mobile channels, while merchants have faced rising losses and fraud management expenses. Overall, it’s a frustrating trend: Despite spending more, merchants are losing more to chargebacks.

Many measures make up the total picture of fraud’s impact on a retailer’s P&L—from false positives to operational investments. In the 2017 annual report, Javelin breaks down the data and examines strategies for managing fraud risk.

A few of the most impactful statistics from the report include:

  • Merchants are losing, on average, 8% of their annual revenue to fraud.
  • Year-over-year fraud spend increased—up 42% for digital goods merchants.
  • Chargebacks are taking a toll—up 60% for digital goods merchants.

Download the report to learn more.

About Vesta Corporation

Vesta Corporation is the only global provider of integrated fraud and payment solutions for enterprise partners in the e-commerce, telecom, media and financial industries. The company’s guaranteed ecommerce payment solutions and innovative, patented fraud technology are proven to increase conversion and acceptance while eliminating fraudulent transactions and merchant liability. 

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Javelin Strategy & Research, a Greenwich Associates LLC company, is a research-based consulting firm that advises its clients to make smarter business decisions in a digital financial world. Our analysts offer unbiased, actionable insights and unearth opportunities that help financial institutions, government entities, payment companies, merchants, and other technology providers sustainably increase profits.