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    Grow your revenue by targeting telco fraud

    Rely on over 25 years of Vesta’s experience delivering highly specialized solutions for payment approvals, fraud, and compliance globally, built with unique telco challenges in mind.

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    Top global telco companies boost revenue with Vesta

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    Telco Fraud

    Ballooning costs, dipping revenue

    Telco businesses face increasing attacks on card-not-present transactions, particularly prepaid lines. Costs are rising, from chargeback remediation to sales prevented by false declines. But traditional risk management systems increase declines and cause friction for customers, hurting revenue.


    annual cost of identity fraud for telcos


    of telcos do approvals without third-party data


    more money lost to false positives than fraud

    Manage telco fraud effectively with Vesta

    Industry expertise

    Hone in on fraud types and boost your transaction approvals with the only machine learning platform trained on 25 years of telco-specific data.

    Proven revenue growth

    Drive more top-ups with a 97% approval rate and a streamlined customer experience. Our customers have seen 10-20% revenue increases.

    Zero chargeback expenses

    Eliminate fraud liability and remediation costs with our 100% chargeback guarantee. If we’re wrong about a transaction, it’s on us: accept more orders with peace of mind.


    Telco Solutions

    Sophisticated AI, specialized features

    Stay a step ahead of fraud and open the door to more revenue with Vesta’s proprietary risk decision engine and expansive data network. Our end-to-end payment solution is designed to safeguard mobile, web and live agent-assisted top up services – covering all telco payment touchpoints.

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    Worried about false declines? Here’s how to stop them.

    Get ahead of one of the major threats facing telcos with these four ways to protect your business from false declines.

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    Telco Results

    Increased acceptances, happy customers

    Across our telco partners, we boost transaction acceptances by 25% and reduce churn by 20%. Customers also see higher customer satisfaction, smoother checkouts and increased revenue per user. Learn about one client’s experience in this deep dive into Vodafone UK’s partnership with Vesta on a new app launch.

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    "We are delighted to be extending our relationship with Vesta to include support for our PAYG digital web channel. Our focus is on making it as easy as possible for our customers to top-up over digital and voice channels while providing the very best experience across every touchpoint."

    Steve James | Product Owner, Vodafone

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