How Vodafone UK's Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) business enhanced digital customer experience, maximised revenue and eliminated fraud

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    vodafone flag The Challenge

    Vodafone UK has a new digital-first strategy aimed at delivering the most engaging customer experience to date. The PAYG business was tasked to move top-up customers from traditional voice-based services to the My Vodafone app to ensure a better experience. They sought a solution that could provide an efficient and consistent top-up experience across all channels while maximising approval rates and helping eliminate fraud.

    "We are delighted to be extending our relationship with Vesta to include support for our PAYG digital web channel. Our focus is on making it as easy as possible for our customers to top-up over digital and voice channels while providing the very best experience across every touchpoint."

    Steve James | Product Owner at Vodafone

    vodafone thumbsup The Solution


    Vesta support for Vodafone UK PAYG services

    In 2015, Vodafone UK PAYG migrated voice-based top-up payments to Vesta to maximise the opportunity that its fraud prevention services provide.

    The success of the initial migration resulted in reduced fraud cases while also delivering an 8% uplift in receipts* over IVR, call centre, SMS and recurring channels hosted by Vesta.


    Vodafone UK digital migration

    Vodafone UK’s PAYG digital migration started in October 2017 when Vesta was adopted into the My Vodafone app.

    This migration has allowed customers to experience the same top-up journeys in app as in voice channels.

    The success of the new My Vodafone app experience is evident by the change in customer behaviour from migration to app top-ups increasing by 210% in 21 months.

    The digital migration has continued in 2019 with Vodafone migrating online top-up payments to Vesta in September to take advantage of the same benefits experienced in the voice and app channels


    vodafone growth The Results

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    Enhanced digital customer experience

    • Digital channels allowed customer to self-enroll for recurring top-ups
    • Efficient and consistent top-up experience across all channels
    • International credit and debit card acceptance
    • PayPal accepted
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    Maximised revenue

    • Lowered channel costs
    • Increased approval rates
    • Eliminated fraud
    • Reduced PCI scope

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    Vodafone is also considered an industry leader in IoT technology and provides cloud, security and carrier services to business customers.

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