Water Utility Company in Mexico lowered fraudulent payments and grew transaction approval rates with seamless online customer experience

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    vodafone flag The Challenge

    Our customer was experiencing an influx of fraudulent transactions that were being attempted by fraudsters via international payment devices. They incorporated additional validation measures in their payment process flow, such as 3DS fraud tool to improve the security of these payments. However, this tactic created unnecessary validations steps and added friction for their customers looking to pay their utility bills.


    vodafone thumbsup The Solution


    Vesta secured payments for water utility services

    Vesta’s Payment Guarantee  fraud prevention solution product offered a much-improved seamless payment experience as well as peace of mind with zero risk liability.

    The solution allowed the customer to remove excessive validation data points while ensuring full compliance and security.   This resulted in minimized fraud, and increased approval rates. 

    In addition, Vesta fraud prevention solution allowed the customer to remove fraudulent transactions coming from international payment devices. 


    vodafone growth The Results

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    Increased revenue with enhanced online customer experience

    By leveraging Vesta's Fraud Solutions (Payment Guarantee) since the launch of the service in less than a year, the company has increased their revenue by 80%.
    In addition, their transaction approval rates increased to over 90% while reducing chargeback rates to zero. 
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    Key Outcomes

    Achieved more than a 90% approval rate in a high fraud risk region 

    • Increased revenue by 80% 

    • Delivered zero chargeback liability for customer 

    Solved 3DS challenge by elevating payment checkout flow with frictionless user experience

    • Fast integration

    vodafone magnifying-glassAbout Company

    A large public organization well-known for supplying  portable water and for sanitary sewage to large cities in Mexico. The company is also known for providing sanitation of wastewaters to avoid contamination in the ocean.

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