Fraud prevention that

    enables eCommerce unlocks revenue delights customers

    Chargebacks, false declines and payment fraud negatively impact your business. Vesta can help—guaranteed.

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    Solutions that deliver guaranteed transactions, higher approval rates


    Vesta Payment Guarantee™

    With Payment Guarantee, your transactions are 100% guaranteed against fraud. If a fraudulent order that we approved makes it through the checkout process, we absorb the full cost of the transaction, plus fees. That takes your cost of fraud to zero, letting you focus on growing your online business.


    Vesta Payment Protect™

    With Payment Protect, you can keep decisioning in house. You’ll get accurate payment fraud detection, risk scoring and decision tools to make the best decisions for transactions in real time.


    Advanced platform capabilities

    What sets us apart from the competition? Our platform analyzes billions of data points through machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and progressive graph analysis, keeping your online store safe and secure from bad actors.

    As a result, you’re able to approve more transactions by taking the guess work out of the equation—no more false declines!

    any size business

    eCommerce plugins

    Digital retailers who sell online only are particularly at risk for card-not-present fraud tactics. Typically small or medium-sized businesses, Vesta can take the burden and risk off their plate and protect them against fraudulent chargebacks.


    “We have assessed a number of players and realize that Vesta has very strong technology. Vesta is definitely one of the leaders in fraud protection and guaranteed payment.”

    VP of Payment Strategy and Partnerships, Bukalapak

    Real solutions for payment fraud problems


    Don't leave money on the table

    How can your eCommerce business approve more legitimate transactions—especially when most built-in fraud prevention tools use a static, rules-based approach that declines more transactions than necessary?

    Vesta uses a data science model that analyzes trillions of data points to find connections and uncover fraud. 


    Never pay for a chargeback again

    Our award-winning platform enables eCommerce for online merchants by analyzing the most accurate data in the industry to improve decisioning, allowing you to:

    • approve more transactions
    • optimize revenue streams
    • eliminate chargebacks
    • delight more customers

    And with our solution portfolio, you get the power of choice: keep transaction decisioning in-house or let Vesta’s fraud fighters manage it for you. Not sure what’s best for you? Our experts can help.

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    “Vesta’s solution led to a substantial increase in acceptance rates and average transaction amounts.”

    Product Manager, Western Union



    Fraud protection pioneers

    Decades ago, Vesta invented the payment guarantee using a combination of machine learning, billions of global data points and our 25+ years of experience with the world’s largest mobile networks and online merchants spanning a variety of markets globally.

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    Vast fraud-fighting experience

    Vesta has been on the front lines of fraud prevention for more than 25 years! That legacy matters when you’re choosing a partner that understands every aspect of fraud protection.

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    Safest transactions technologically possible

    We are committed to continuous re-investment to develop leading-edge fraud tools that optimize eCommerce transaction approvals for merchants like you. Even the most sophisticated fraudsters don't stand a chance against our advanced AI models to detect anomalies and inconsistencies.