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    Guaranteed transactions backed by global experience

    Vesta provides an automated, accurate risk assessment in a split second to maximize digital transaction approvals while eliminating fraud. Our sophisticated machine learning models draw from 25 years of global data, plus millions of new transactions every minute, to stay ahead of evolving threats. And we put our money where our mouth is: we absorb the full cost of any fraud that slips through.

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    Solutions, not compromises

    Stopping fraud shouldn’t mean losing sales or ignoring identity protection — so we designed a suite of solutions that deliver comprehensive peace of mind.

    Fraud Solutions Stop losses, start growing: boost approvals and minimize fraud with advanced machine learning models trained on 2 trillion data points. Reduce costs and secure your revenue with our zero fraud liability guarantee and hands-on protection. Learn About Vesta Fraud Solutions
    Telco Solutions Rely on Vesta's 25 years of experience delivering tailored solutions for the unique needs of Telco’s around payment approvals, fraud protection, and compliance globally.
    Learn about Telco Fraud Solutions
    Payment Solutions Protect and process: deliver a seamless payment experience to your customers and take an all-in-one approach by bundling our elite fraud prevention platform with payment processing capabilities.
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    From reactive to proactive fraud strategies

    Uncover your true cost of fraud and tackle your most pressing concerns, from lost sales to industry-specific fraud types.

    Solutions by use case Growing your revenue by addressing fraud is a multi-step process. Our platform handles each step — from fraud to approvals to compliance — for a clear solution, no matter where in the process you are. Explore Use Cases
    Solutions by industry Our specialized models stop transaction fraud across the digital space for clients in many verticals such as telecom for top-up cards to e-commerce merchants. Find Your Vertical

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