Meet Vesta

    We use our technology, data science, and know-how to enable our customers to Eliminate fraud, Approve more transactions, Grow their business

    Our purpose is to drive the true cost of fraud to zero, at a global scale

    What we do is straightforward: Vesta is a transaction guarantee platform for digital purchases. It’s why we do it that makes the difference — and drives us to deliver an industry-leading solution.

    Vesta exists to eliminate all the costs associated with fraud. That doesn’t just mean direct losses, but lost sales and unnecessary declines as well. 

    We utilize machine learning to increase approvals of legitimate sales while eliminating chargebacks and other forms of digital fraud. Our models are so accurate that we approve more than 97% of all transactions and assume 100% of the cost of fraud for any transaction we approve. 

    As a result, for Vesta customers, the cost of fraud drops to zero.

    Our people: the core of our solution

    A vision this bold is only attainable with a team of experts dedicated to building the most powerful transaction guarantee platform possible.

    Meet our leadership team Tackling the challenge of eliminating global fraud costs requires a deep bench of diverse thinkers and industry leaders. Get to know everyone leading the way. View Team
    Explore our career opportunities At Vesta, our people are our priority. It’s why we live by our company principles and commit to fostering an inclusive culture. Interested in working for us? Let’s talk. View Careers

    Our customers: the reason for our dedication

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    Vesta Global Offices

    Vesta has teams around the world working in the diverse regions of North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


    Our platform: fighting fraud with unmatched machine learning

    To drive the cost of fraud to zero, we built a proprietary graphical database that makes accurate risk assessments in milliseconds. Vesta:

    • Uses machine learning trained on nearly three decades of data across the world’s largest mobile networks
    • Draws real-time connections between trillions of data points, from behavioral data to international fraud networks
    • Constantly adapts to new threats on a global scale, pulling data from millions of transactions every minute

    Learn more about our transaction guarantee platform.

    Live without the fear of fraud

    Get a sneak peek of Vesta to understand why it’s the most powerful fraud prevention platform on the market — and how it delivers more revenue with less fraud.

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