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    Airline Industry Fraud

    Avoid major turbulence by partnering with Vesta

    For an industry that is already experiencing turmoil, airlines are now seeing a sharp increase in fraudulent transactions. Combating fraud is a must for airlines in order to stay afloat and hit financial goals, but many airlines aren’t equipped with the right fraud protection solutions to fight back against fraudsters. Through utilizing the latest in fraud prevention technologies while still focusing on a positive user experience, Vesta empowers airlines to minimize fraudulent transactions while maximizing revenue.

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    payment fraud costs the airline industry an estimated $858 million annually.


    from 2018 to 2019 alone, fraud attacks on the airline sector increased by 61%.


    payment fraud causes airlines to lose 1.2% of revenue annually of their website and mobile sales

    Secure Loyalty Miles Loyalty miles are becoming a popular target for airline criminals. Vesta offers the same level of security and protection for loyalty miles as standard payments, ensuring you lose less to fraudulent transactions.
    Account Protection Give your passengers peace of mind. Vesta’s advanced machine learning models and big data resources protect customer accounts from takeover, so you won’t have to worry about unauthorized purchases.
    Payment Guarantee Meet the end-to-end solution that reduces your risk of revenue leakage from fraud to zero. Whether you’ve been the victim of employee account phishing or in-flight scamming, Vesta has you covered.
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    Airline Industry Results

    Welcome aboard to better fraud solutions

    With no signs of fraudulent attacks on airlines slowing down in the coming years, it’s important to partner with a fraud partner who’s experienced in delivering results. By guaranteeing the cost of fraud, increasing approvals and securing accounts from malicious actors, Vesta’s solutions can boost revenue for customers up to 10-20%.

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    Airline Industry Solutions

    Real-time prevention, end-to-end protection

    Deploy advanced analytics for full fraud prevention with increased transaction approvals within milliseconds. Vesta enables you to layer account protection on top of fraud prevention for a full suite of solutions — from device fingerprinting to risk-based assessments — that address the core causes of airline fraud.

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