Safely navigate the risks of travel fraud

    Vesta takes online travel  fraud protection and prevention to new heights for airlines and OTAs.


    We understand the complexities associated with online travel fraud

    Vesta can help you tell the difference between true customers and the bad actors that are impacting OTAs, airlines and hotel operators away from your business. Validate and secure travel accounts by protecting travel points and other forms of digital payment with a trusted fraud specialist who understands the unique complexities of your industry.

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    Not your typical checkout

    The online travel industry has unique challenges when it comes to booking reservations and accepting payment. Checkout can be extremely complex, with added factors such as travel vouchers, loyalty points, and multi-vendor bookings.  Every touchpoint is an increased opportunity for fraud, and Vesta can protect you every step of the way

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    Beyond basic data matching

    Many traditional fraud detection solutions rely solely on simple data mismatches on orders to identify fraud. But for digital travel purchases, this won't work because the ticket buyer isn't always the actual passenger. Legitimate consumers often buy tickets for other people, such as parents buying a ticket for their child or companies buying for their employees, so it's very common for the name on the payment to not match the actual passenger name.

    Vesta uses millions of data points and smart  analytics to detect fraud, and won't flag or block your good customers unnecessarily. 

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    This much complexity calls for experts

    When attempting to use in-house solutions, many travel fraud managers find that they lack the technology and or expertise to keep up with the myriad of fraud types and entry points that they are faced with every day. 

    Vesta has solutions that can complement your existing in-house fraud tools to make it easier to detect fraud, or we can take it off your hands with our managed guaranteed option, giving you risk-free, worry-free transactions. 

    Why Vesta for airlines and travel booking

    Multiple fraud types

    Detect bot purchases from sophisticated fraudsters in real-time. Eliminate lost revenue resulting from fraudulent chargebacks. We've got you covered at every turn. 

    Best decisions technologically possible

    We use machine learning and artificial intelligence models that literally learn from every transaction, staying one step ahead of fraudsters who are trying to steal travel, points and your revenue. 

    Accurate, real-time data

    Deliver actionable data to your fraud managers in real time, eliminating manual reviews and saving time, money, and operational costs.

    Drive important decisions through an intuitive dashboard to quickly see data metrics and trends.

    Our solution in action

    In the LatAm region, we were able to significantly improve a large online ticket booking customer’s acceptance rates, transaction volume, and successful transactions.

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    Acceptance rates improved from 40% to 64%
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    Increase in transaction volume
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    Increase in successful transactions

    "Vesta has a very good understanding of the fraud trends that are occurring within the Asia-Pacific market, and this has led to us making better decisions and being more successful."

    Vice President at Indonesian travel & ticketing company