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    Approve more mobile transactions without fraud

    Evolve your digital wallet fraud protection and improve the customer journey in today’s changing digital wallet landscape.

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    Digital Wallet Fraud

    Growing usage, rising fraud risks

    As more users adopt them, fully digital payment methods like e-wallets are increasingly vulnerable: fraud can creep in before and during transactions. Fraudulent remittances, digital goods purchases, e-voucher transactions and account takeovers raise the complexity of fraud protection.


    digital wallet users globally by 2025


    growth in mobile payment tokenization revenue by 2025


    fraud attacks averaged each month in 2020

    Unlock fraud-free digital wallets with Vesta

    Instant approvals

    Provide customers with a fast, seamless transaction that enhances the benefits of digital wallets — while increasing your approval rate to up to 97%.

    Zero risk

    Give customers the freedom of digital wallets without putting your bottom line at risk thanks to Vesta’s zero liability guarantee: if we approve fraud, we cover the cost 100%.

    Backed by AI

    Stay on top of evolving fraud with Vesta’s graphical machine learning approach, trained on over 25 years of transaction data and millions more every second.

    Digital Wallet Solutions

    Real-time prevention, end to end protection

    Deploy advanced analytics for full fraud prevention with increased transaction approvals within milliseconds. Vesta enables you to layer account protection on top of fraud prevention for a full suite of solutions — from device fingerprinting to risk-based assessments — that address the core causes of digital wallet fraud. 

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    How to protect digital wallets from rising fraud

    From simple security protocols to decisioning engines, here are five proven ways to secure your digital wallets.

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    Digital Wallet Results

    Lower costs, higher revenue

    By guaranteeing the cost of fraud, increasing approvals and securing accounts from fraudsters, Vesta’s solution combines to boost revenue for customers up to 10-20%. As digital wallets surge in popularity and mobile shopping comes to the forefront, it’s crucial to work with a fraud partner that enables rather than stifles that growth.

    Learn more about how Vesta's approval enhancement platform can stop digital wallet fraud from impacting your business.

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    Broadening accessibility to, and confidence in ACH payments helps advance that vision by giving consumers and merchants a secure, convenient, friction-free payment option.

    Lowell Putnam | Head of Partnerships, Plaid

    The Vesta team was extremely helpful during our integration - both through an API for a custom app and through an eCommerce platform plugin. The integration only took about 4 weeks, and we are very satisfied with our risk approval and chargeback rates.

    Matt Frye | CEO, CardNow

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