Focus less on fraud and more on growth

    Protect your customer's digital financial transactions, including gift card, wallets and more.


    Global losses of payment fraud are expected to grow to nearly

    $41B in 2027–a 25% spike from 2020

    “We needed an ecosystem partner that understands the need for consortium data and uses that data to branch out into new methods of fraud detection. This is extremely important when you look at developing markets. We're moving outside traditional payments, like digital wallets. It's important that we have a partner that understands that and includes it in their fraud detection umbrella.”

    President/CFO, Xpay


    Advances in technology are convenient for
    consumers–and for fraudsters, too

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    At Vesta, we are solving a revenue problem

    Most businesses are concerned with fraud, but ALL businesses are concerned with revenue. At Vesta, we solve this revenue problem by improving your approval rates, resulting in higher revenue.

    At the same time, we eliminate—yes, eliminate—any problems you have with payments fraud. Most financial service providers spend way too much on operational overhead to catch fraud—manual reviews, chasing down fraudulent chargebacks, time and money implementing inefficient one-off fraud detection tools.

    To build or buy fraud protection

    Even with stellar fraud teams, most companies feel outnumbered and under-equipped to address today’s growing fraud tactics. It is hard to manage it on your own, or with one alert or one flag. When it comes to fraud, Vesta knows that one size does not fit all. We have two fail-proof solutions with a proven track record of helping financial services just like you.

    Vesta Payment Guarantee™

    Provides full indemnification—meaning you never pay for fraudulent chargebacks, or any fees related to them. In the off-chance a fraud chargeback does occur, Vesta pays 100% of those costs (and fees).

    Vesta Payment Protect™

    Sets you up with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use scores and insights to make educated decisions on your own. You’re in good hands with our tools and data. Our depth of data helps us build graph links that determine how risky or safe consumer transactions are, and we give you the details to back it up. 

    Why Vesta for financial services companies


    Optimize revenue

    By eliminating the cost of fraud and increasing approvals, our customers see an average of 10% boost in approval acceptance. Lowering the cost of fraud while driving more revenue is the winning combination that Vesta does best; we enable growth rather than stifle it.


    Eliminate fear of the unknown

    Offering new payment options for consumers gives them what they want but can also introduce an increased fraud risk to your business. Move into new channels and payment options without the fear of putting your bottom line in jeopardy. If we approve a fraudulent transaction, we cover the cost 100% - that's our zero liability guarantee. 


    Fight sophisticated fraud with sophisticated technology

    Our innovative ML and AI tech stack is simply unmatched in the industry. You must fight fraudsters at their own game, but it takes the proper tools to do so. As the saying goes, you can’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

    Watch how we stop digital wallet fraud

    Eliminate gift card fraud and watch your revenue grow

    Nearly 50% of business have unnecessarily declined gift card customers. Don't be one of them.