Reduce fraud and build revenue for your eCommerce business

    Grow your business without the fear of fraud from chargebacks.



    eCommerce losses are expected to grow to $48B by end of 2023


    Get back to why you went into business in the first place

    Running an online business can be tedious when it comes to fraud prevention. Online merchants often fret over:

    • determining if customers and payments are legitimate
    • finding the balance between letting in good orders and blocking the fraudulent ones

    Vesta eliminates the tedious parts altogether—allowing you to focus only on the reason you went into business in the first place: providing quality products, excellent service, and watching your business grow.


    True cost of fraud goes beyond the bottom line

    In eCommerce, as new payment technologies are introduced, the threat and costs of fraud increase as fraudsters engineer attacks to find any exploitable gap they can.

    But online fraud can have even more corrosive effects beyond just your bottom line.

    • eCommerce execs report that risk of fraud interferes with their efforts to develop new products or services.
    • The combined cost of fraud losses and investments in fraud-fighting technologies ultimately reduces investment in better talent, R&D and training.

    With Vesta, you can eliminate fraud and chargeback losses and rest assured that your hard-earned revenue will be secure and available to invest in future growth.

    Vesta benefits for eCommerce retailers

    leverage the best

    Leverage the best data and technology for more approvals

    No matter where you are in the world, Vesta can help you set your company up for long-term success. Our cloud-native, global infrastructure gives you more scalability, reliability and run time decisions that do not disrupt your workflows or consumer experiences.

    manage your business

    Manage your business the way you want to

    We can manage decisions on your behalf, or provide you insights with recommendations. We can even score the risk of a transaction that uses non-traditional payment options i.e., alternative payment methods, and provide a complete guarantee on payment transactions. It's up to you!

    watch your fraud

    Watch your fraud costs dwindle to zero

    Businesses globally use Vesta’s solutions to win the fight against eCommerce fraud and increase approvals. Each safe transaction comes with risk analysis, insights, or is backed by a guarantee. When we guarantee a transaction, we will pay for it 100%  if it results in a chargeback.  

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