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    Focus on revenue, not risk, with scalable solutions that eliminate digital fraud and guarantee increased approvals.

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    Solve everyday needs and big-picture challenges

    Discover how Vesta can help you tackle your most pressing concerns, from lost sales to industry-specific fraud types. Explore our market-leading fraud prevention solutions, from foundational protection to holistic coverage guarantees. Request More Information


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    Fraud loss


    Transaction approval

    Features designed to eliminate the cost of fraud

    Explore the enterprise-level features that comprise Vesta’s fraud solutions.

    Designed to increase revenue

    Fraud can feel like a tightrope between protection or turning away good business through low approvals and a clunky UX. Take away false positives with the platform designed to increase approvals.

    Backed by our guarantee

    As fraud evolves, even the best protection will let some fraudulent transactions through. Never worry about those again: we absorb the cost in full, so you’re off the hook thanks to our zero liability, zero cost guarantee.

    Built on AI programs

    To sift through ever-changing fraud patterns and make accurate risk assessments, fraud solutions need AI. Vesta’s proprietary machine learning programs evolve with threats and real-time data.

    Armed for your industry

    Fraud patterns differ across verticals. You need a specialized model that can handle each type. Our intelligent solutions are trained in digital and physical goods, with deep industry experience.

    Here’s how smart fraud prevention can support your revenue growth

    Download our ebook to get a comprehensive guide to the interplay between fraud prevention and revenue growth.

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    Payment Guarantee

    Elevate fraud protection for a Vesta-backed revenue boost

    Dramatically increase approvals and stop fraud with our proprietary fraud protection platform, including our Knowledge Graph model. Then secure those gains: we’re so confident in our work that we guarantee 100% of the cost of any fraudulent transactions. The Vesta team also backs up the technology with direct expertise, from manual reviews to chargeback representations. See Payment Guarantee FAQs

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    Payment Protect

    Balance approvals and fraud using AI-based risk scoring

    Protect legitimate sales, stop fraud and increase revenue with the only Fraud Knowledge Graph platform out there, based on our consortium data of billions of orders — and millions more every minute. Let Vesta automate your fraud protection with fast, accurate assessments so that you can focus on running your business.

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    Discover how our suite of solutions enables businesses like yours to focus on growth without the fear of fraud.

    One of PayMongo’s strong points is our robust fraud detection system. Still, we continue to improve and innovate. With its track record, Vesta is a natural choice for PayMongo to help us amplify the protection we give our merchants.

    Francis Plaza | Co-Founder and CEO, PayMongo

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    We celebrate partnering with a security expert such as Vesta for fraud prevention in online payments. Thanks to the joint efforts between Fiserv and Vesta, we’re able to offer an alternative that mitigates fraud exposure for Mexico’s merchants offering eCommerce, and, at the same time, reduce the chargeback risk related to those transactions.

    Sergio Villarruel | Country Manager, Fiserv in México

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    Let’s eliminate your fraud challenges

    Get a sneak peek of Vesta to understand why it’s the most powerful solution for payment fraud prevention — and how it delivers more revenue with less fraud.

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