Accurate transaction decisions in real time

    Eliminate chargeback costs with a guaranteed decision.

    5-15% of revenue is lost to manual fraud management
    annually across the globe


    "With Vesta we are able to improve our success rate for payment, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance our revenue.  Vesta allows us to focus on the business rather than trying to catch the fraudsters ourselves."

    President of Commerce and Fintech, Bukalapak

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    Vesta clients see an average 10% increase
    in their transaction approval rates

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    Fraud is not static—your approach shouldn't be either

    Fraud has become very sophisticated —it requires more than one rule or one check. You shouldn't try to master it alone, but should lean on experts.

    Team with experts that have historical, insider knowledge on fraud—and the tools and technology to eliminate it. That’s where Vesta steps up.

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    Fully-guaranteed transactions

    Vesta is a pioneer in fully-guaranteed transactions. We eliminate your risk and liability from fraudulent chargebacks. In turn, you get unrivaled accuracy and increased approvals of legitimate online sales.

    Whether challenged with unwelcomed manual reviews, false declines or customer friction, Payment Guarantee clears the path for legitimate customers to purchase more easily and blocks malicious transactions from fraudsters. We remove the hassle and time commitments associated with managing fraud, allowing you to focus on driving business, not chasing down bad guys.

    Benefits of guaranteed payments 

    Vesta's indemnification solution increases revenue by approving more legitimate orders, and reducing your losses from fraud.
    Our customers get an easy-to-use dashboard that helps track which orders have been guaranteed by Vesta, streamlining order review
    and giving you time back in your day.

    Manual reviews become a thing of the past
    Fraud chargeback costs are eliminated from your business
    Real-time notifications let you know when it is safe to approve transactions
    Revenue is guaranteed
    Instant decisions on orders prevent cart abandonment
    Costs of fraudulent chargebacks are reimbursed 100% on approved orders

    How it works

    From the moment a customer selects "Place order" to the final decision, Payment Guarantee is fast, frictionless and accurate.

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    Key features

    Automated workflows, modern capabilities and a global cloud platform make is simple to integrate
    into all your digital channels, apps and web systems.

    Human-readable explanations of decisions
    Multiple payment methods supported
    Ability to add known positive / negative customer lists
    Business insights and reporting
    Third-party behavioral and identity data enrichment incorporated
    Anomaly detection alerts identify fraud attacks in real time
    Patented artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
    Data models constantly adapt to new threats
    Self-manage access to console
    Customer-led integration without the need of handholding

    Explore use cases

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    Beware of over-declining

    When trying to prevent fraud, many retailers decline more transactions than needed, leaving money on the table and frustrating good customers. 

    A good fraud prevention solution should focus as much on approving good transactions as it does preventing fraudulent ones. Vesta uses advanced technology to be able to tell the difference, maximizing your approved orders and revenue. 


    Keep loyal customers coming back

    Airlines and hospitality companies rely on stellar customer experiences to keep customers coming back. 

    Payment Guarantee enables real-time transaction risk assessments to reduce false declines without adding unnecessary friction during checkout for legitimate customers.


    Safeguarding international money transfer

    Money transfer across borders can be a risky venture, whether in-person, online or over the phone.

    Through real-time transaction assessment, Vesta can protect against many fraud entrance points to improve approval rates while reducing fraud rates and bringing chargeback costs to zero. 

    The true cost of eCommerce fraud

    Learn about the factors that play into the true cost of fraud. This ebook looks at the key costs associated with fraud, and how businesses can effectively manage their fraud problem to maximize approval rates and eliminate risk.