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    Payment Guarantee is a fraud prevention solution for card-not-present transactions that guarantees your revenue against losses from fraud, enabling you to accept more orders and reduce operational costs. The solution evaluates each transaction for fraud risk in real-time and notifies merchants when it is safe to approve. Each safe transaction is backed by a guarantee so, if you later receive a fraud chargeback, Vesta pays you for the cost of the chargeback and associated fees.
    Payment Guarantee leverages machine learning technology and Vesta’s 20+ years of fraud-fighting expertise to guarantee more transactions, enabling merchants to increase their transaction approval rate. As a fully managed service, Payment Guarantee handles all day-to-day detection logic updates so fraud operations can be simplified. With Payment Guarantee, revenue is safeguarded from fraud which enables merchants to focus on growing their business. 

    Key Benefits

    Eliminate fraud liability

    When you approve orders that Vesta guarantees, you get to do business in a world without eCommerce fraud – because Vesta covers all fraud chargeback costs. This leaves you with more time and energy to focus on your core competencies rather than worrying about which orders you should approve.

    Approve more orders

    With Payment Guarantee, you enjoy higher approval rates because Vesta’s team of data scientists use their decades of experience fighting eCommerce fraud combined with highly precise machine learning models to guarantee more orders.

    Simplify ops; Save money

    Payment Guarantee is a fully managed service that handles all day-to-day detection logic updates on your behalf so you can extract yourself from the never-ending cat-and-mouse game with fraudsters, simplifying your fraud operations and reducing costs.

    Frictionless experience

    Payment Guarantee performs fraud risk assessments in real-time behind-the-scenes, so you do not have to introduce additional verification steps in your customer’s journey or ask customers to provide excessive information solely to help you make fraud decisions. Instead, you can optimize your customer journey and checkout experience for conversion.

    How It Works


    Key Features


    Pay only for guaranteed orders  

    Payment Guarantee’s pricing is designed to align incentives between you and Vesta. You are only charged when Payment Guarantee guarantees a transaction and you do not incur any cost when Payment Guarantee determines an order is fraudulent. This way, Vesta only makes money when you get guaranteed revenue and Vesta is incentivized to continuously improve detection to increase approval rates. 

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    Fast, self-service chargeback refunds 

    If you receive a fraud-related chargeback for an order Payment Guarantee guaranteed, you can initiate a claim via an API or via a self-service console, and you will receive a reimbursement for the chargeback amount (and any fees). 

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    Real-time decisions based on rich data 

    To provide highly accurate risk assessments, Payment Guarantee analyzes data from many sources, including device intelligence data, user behavior data, data from third-party intelligence sources, and data about fraudsters seen across Vesta’s network of merchant customers. Payment Guarantee processes this data and returns a decision in around a second, enabling real-time transaction risk assessments with no added friction to the customer experience. 

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    Explainable risk decisions 

    Payment Guarantee provides an explanation for each transaction evaluation decision so that you know why Payment Guarantee determined it to be legitimate or fraudulent. Payment Guarantee also provides a summary of relevant data for each order in case you want to perform a secondary review or audit. 


    Machine learning tailored to your business 

    Payment Guarantee uses machine learning models created specifically for your business that learn fraud patterns and customer behavioral patterns unique to your business. This enables Payment Guarantee to produce precise risk assessments and guarantee more orders, including higher-risk orders that you may have previously declined. 

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    Patented link analysis across Vesta's network 

    Payment Guarantee uses patented techniques to uncover linkages in real-time between new transactions and previous transactions from your business and from transactions across other merchants in Vesta’s network. These linkages are used to increase confidence that orders are legitimate and root out hard-to-identify fraudsters missed by less sophisticated detection systems.

    Use Cases

    Approve more eCommerce orders with no risk of fraud-loss

    Use Payment Guarantee to eliminate losses from card-not-present transaction fraud. You’ll be reimbursed for any fraudulent chargebacks you receive for transactions guaranteed by Payment Guarantee.

    Safely fulfill digital goods in real-time

    Don’t wait to deliver your digital goods to your customers just to perform fraud checks. Payment Guarantee performs risk evaluations in less than a second so you can safely fulfill orders right away without taking on more fraud risk. 

    Eliminate fraud loss on digital wallet fund transfers

    Payment Guarantee quickly identifies risky behavior as users load money to their digital wallets to ensure you can approve as many as possible without risk of fraud losses. 


    More Information

    Approve more legitimate transactions. With Vesta’s real-time evaluation and decisioning, you can make sure your customers’ shopping experience is safe, secure, and seamless. 
    Interested in learning more about how this solution works? Visit our Payment Guarantee FAQ page

    What Our Clients Say

    Our customers deserve to feel secure in their shopping experience, and we are dedicated to serving that trust. That's what our partnership with Vesta is all about - serving the trust, safety, and security of our customers.

    Victor Lesmana | President of Commerce & Fintech, Bukalapak

    Vesta’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection app for Shopify was easy to install. What I like most about it was the automatic chargeback reimbursement feature. With Vesta, I’m able to approve more orders, eliminate chargeback fees, and stop fraud – all on the Shopify platform.

    Benjamin Martin | Sr. Manager, Digital, Pure Fishing

    We are delighted to be extending our relationship with Vesta to include support for our PAYG digital web channel. Our focus is on making it as easy as possible for our customers to top-up over digital and voice channels while providing the very best experience across every touchpoint.

    Steve James | Product Owner, Vodafone

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