AiThority: Key Tips to Prevent ATO Fraud from Happening to Your Business


    When customer information is stolen, it can quickly result in account takeover (ATO) fraud. In this article, learn how your business can effectively stop the threat of ATO fraud from impacting your customers.

    AiThoritya technology publication that covers artificial intelligence news and editorial insights from around the globerecently published an article written by Vesta's CEO, Ron Hynes. The article focuses on providing merchants with actionable tips to prevent account takeover (ATO) fraud.

    In the article, Ron covers:

    • The definition of ATO fraud, and the impact it has on merchants
    • The value in multi-level authentication
    • Training your customers to adopt strict password policies
    • The global mandate of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

    "Ensuring your customers’ data is safe can not only save your business money, but also improve trust and consumer confidence..." - Ron Hynes, Vesta CEO

    Read the full article on AiThority's website

    Vesta Team

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