Merchant Fraud Journal: Fraud Trends 2021 Report Released


    Vesta was recently featured as a leading fraud solutions provider in the latest Fraud Trends report by Merchant Fraud Journal.

    In the 2021 version of this report, Merchant Fraud Journal gathered insights from some of the leading solutions providers in fraud prevention. Vesta CEO, Ron Hynes, shared his thoughts on the following topics:  

    • How COVID-19 will continue to impact the fraud ecosystem 
    • How privacy and payment regulations (GDPR, PSD2) will affect fraud prevention methodologies 
    • Why friendly fraud is a problem that can no longer be ignored 
    • How banking and Fintech innovations are changing the way fraudsters attack 

    This in-depth report is available to download on the Merchant Fraud Journal website. If you’re interested in learning more about the outlook of fraud prevention for merchants in 2021, you won’t want to miss out on this free resource.

    Download the report now

    Vesta Team

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