Merchant Fraud Journal: Ecommerce Fraud Trends 2022 Report Released


    Vesta was recently recognized as a top fraud solution provider in Merchant Fraud Journal's 2022 Fraud Trends report.

    Merchant Fraud Journal gathered insights from some of the leading fraud protection solution vendors for the 2022 edition of this report. Starting page 36, Tan Truong, the CIO of Vesta, expressed his thoughts on the following topics:

    • How will fraudsters exploit return policies, and what will effective detection and
      prevention strategies look like?
    • What will be the biggest 2022 eCommerce fraud trend that is currently being
    • How does machine learning helps in fraud prevention? 
    • How to spot a fraudulent transaction? 

    Download the free report from the Merchant Fraud Journal website. It's an excellent resource to learn more about how the merchants can spot eCommerce fraud trends in 2022.

    Download the report now

    Vesta Team

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