Payments NEXT: Digital Payments and the Future of Commerce in the Next 10 Years

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    If the last year and a half has taught us anything, it’s that digital payments are here to stay and will continue to grow as a percentage of total payments.

    Vesta's CEO, Ron Hynes shares his thoughts with Payments NEXT—a publication that covers developments in payments, banking, fintech, and more—regarding the current state of online payments, and the future of digital commerce over the next ten years.

    In the article, Ron discusses the rise of card-not-present payments since the COVID-19 pandemic, and why it's essential for online businesses to have a strong fraud prevention strategy in place to protect themselves from the growing threat of payment fraud. 

    "While the evolving payments ecosystem can be tricky to keep up with, the developments we’re seeing are very positive. A renewed focus on convenience and security will ensure long-term growth for the global ecommerce market..." - Ron Hynes, Vesta CEO

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