Tech Collective: Fraud prevention or customer experience? Why online merchants need to balance both

    Tech Collective

    Digital payments and the threat of card-not-present fraud are here to stay. So what can be done to manage fraud while also reducing friction in the customer journey?

    Tech Collective — a leading online publication that reports on the latest tech news and trends in Southeast Asia — recently published an article authored by Vesta's GM of APAC, Shabab Muhaddes. In the article, Shabab discusses the difficulty of balancing fraud prevention and the customer experience of a website.

    Here’s what you can expect to learn:

    • The current state of eCommerce fraud
    • A review of customer sentiments towards online payments in Southeast Asia
    • Tactics to improve your fraud prevention strategy without introducing unnecessary friction

    "By enabling fraud prevention solutions to accurately determine the legitimacy of a transaction without causing any unnecessary friction during the checkout process, false declines can be significantly reduced, resulting in a smoother customer journey and quicker checkout experience." - Shabab Muhaddes, Vesta GM of APAC

    Read the full article on the Tech Collective website...

    Vesta Team

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