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    We work tirelessly with our partners to provide them with the best fraud prevention tools on the market for their customers

    Vesta partners with global leaders in fintech, payment processing, world-class banks, eCommerce Marketplaces and other merchant services organizations to offer digital fraud protection with a payment guarantee for their merchants. 

    Sample of our partners

    Eliminate Fraud and Grow Your Business

    Learn how Vesta’s fraud prevention solutions aid in partner growth and satisfaction.

    Maximize Transaction Approvals Stemming from a collaboration, Vesta and Plaid, a technology company, created Guaranteed ACH technology which streamlines ACH authentication and payments while minimizing fraud and fees. Learn More
    Frictionless Security Promise Our Partners enable their merchants to reduce false declines while improving customer experience across all channels – raising overall satisfaction and loyalty. Learn More

    Approve more transactions

    Don’t let your merchants deny real customers when trying to minimize fraud. Vesta uses 25 years of data backed by innovative AI and Machine Learning technology to approve or deny transactions based on if the customer acts real or fraudulent.

    Create loyal customers

    Merchants’ long-time customers shy away from multi-factor authentication. With Vesta’s fraud protection solution, we provide real-time evaluation and decisioning so the checkout experience is free of barriers for ever-loyal and satisfied customers.

    Continuous evolution

    Fraudsters create new techniques and behaviors every day and it’s our job to stay one step ahead of them. As a Vesta partner, we have your back with 25 years of evolving fraud and compliance expertise to be aware of new fraud constantly.

    Explore the difference Vesta makes

    Hear how Vesta’s fraud protection tools and expertise benefit our partners.

    We celebrate partnering with a security expert such as Vesta for fraud prevention in online payments. Thanks to the joint efforts between Fiserv and Vesta, we’re able to offer an alternative that mitigates fraud exposure for Mexico’s merchants offering eCommerce, and, at the same time, reduce the chargeback risk related to those transactions.

    Sergio Villarruel | Country Manager, Fiserv for México

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    Broadening accessibility to, and confidence in ACH payments helps advance that vision by giving consumers and merchants a secure, convenient, friction-free payment option.

    Lowell Putnam | Head of Partnerships, Plaid

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    One of PayMongo’s strong points is our robust fraud detection system. Still, we continue to improve and innovate. With its track record, Vesta is a natural choice for PayMongo to help us amplify the protection we give our merchants

    Francis Plaza | Cofounder and CEO, PayMongo

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    Our partners eliminate Card Not Present (CNP) fraud for their merchants

    Vesta partners ensure their merchants never have to worry about CNP fraud - guaranteeing every approved transaction while preventing fraud losses.

    Become a partner.

    We know you want growth and fraud protection. At Vesta we’ll guarantee it.

    Vesta partners with global leaders in fintech, payment processing, world-class banks, eCommerce Marketplaces and other merchant services organizations to grow new revenue streams with digital fraud protection.

    We work with White Label, Reseller, and Referral partners to provide frictionless, online fraud protection for our mutual customers with a payment guarantee – a matchless added value for your Merchants.

    With a Vesta Partnership we can:

    • Differentiate your portfolio with digital fraud protection and payment guarantee solutions
    • Increase your profitability with multiple integration and revenue share options
    • Shift fraud costs and liabilities away from your eCommerce merchants
    • Meet shifting compliance requirements across regions and verticals
    • Enable your team with dedicated training, marketing and sales resources and support