Effectively increase your rate of approvals

    Empower your payment approvals process through AI & machine learning that analyzes every order with pinpoint accuracy.


    Payment Approvals

    Approve more legitimate transactions

    The surge in fraudulent transactions has pushed companies to quickly implement rigid fraud protection measures that are hard-coded and rules-based. But these in-house solutions often stop legitimate transactions from going through, which leads to less revenue, upset customers, and time needed to remedy the errors. Through machine learning and AI technology coupled with a commitment to customer support, Vesta streamlines your user’s shopping experience while minimizing the risk of false declines and chargebacks.


    in annual global revenue lost due to false declines


    of small businesses in US & Canada think they're not big enough to be a target of online fraud


    average increase in payment approval rates by Vesta customers


    Increase approval rates

    Your approval rates dip when you lock yourself into rigid, rules-based transaction analysis decisions. Orders that look suspicious may be perfectly legitimate, which is why you need a people-powered approach to reviewing the validity of business transactions. Through powerful machine learning and AI capabilities coupled with our commitment to customer support, Vesta empowers your business to authorize more legitimate transactions and accurately detect fraudulent ones.

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    Reduce false declines

    Being wary of fraud is wise, but take it too far and you might miss out on prospective customers. Individual businesses lose up to 3% of their revenue due to false declines, mainly due to their hard-coded fraud protection measures that flag ‘suspicious’ behavior when it shouldn’t. Vesta brings unparalleled accuracy to your payment approval processes, ensuring you’re able to tell the good customers from the bad ones and, in turn, bring in more revenue and ensure customer satisfaction.

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    Keep customers happy

    Striking the perfect balance between effective fraud protection measures and a streamlined user experience can be challenging. Cart abandonment rates will soar if your fraud solutions cause friction for prospective customers, but leaving the door open for fraud is not an option. Vesta’s seamless pre-authorization decisioning solutions keep your checkout experience frictionless while ensuring customers are safe.

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