Stop payment fraud in its tracks

    With financial fraud on the rise, ensure your business is properly detecting and preventing fraud without slowing down business.

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    Payment Fraud

    Keeping fraud out starts with intelligent solutions

    When it comes to earning the trust of your customers and growing your business, protecting digital payments is paramount. Preventing payment fraud not only improves customer satisfaction, but it also maximizes revenue in the long run. Powered by machine learning and AI technology, Vesta enables your business to stop all forms of payment fraud with a higher degree of accuracy.


    revenue loss by companies to fraud every year


    in global losses from payment fraud in 2020, that's +3X from $9.84B in 2011


    fraud reports received by the FTC in 2020 from consumers

    Who feels fraud the most?

    Below are the verticals that have been hit hardest by the recent spike in payment fraud, and are consequently putting the most effort into payment fraud prevention and protection measures.

    eCommerce When looking at all U.S. online merchants, the cost of fraud rose 7.3% in 2020 from 2019. Learn More
    Digital Wallets In 2020, digital wallet companies experienced 650 fraud attacks per month. Learn More
    Telcos The estimated annual cost of identity fraud affecting customers of telecommunication companies is $32.7 billion. Learn More


    Approve more transactions. Bring in more revenue

    Implementing effective fraud protection measures is often easier said than done. Vesta provides important insights into fraud assessment that helps you approve more legitimate transactions while preventing the fraudulent ones.

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    Discover a smarter way to stop fraud

    Vesta enables you to stop more fraud and approve more transactions. Insights gathered from transparent data collection, from identifying the user’s known device to recognizing device IDs, help you make more informed approval decisions without adding friction to the user experience.


    Minimize the total cost of fraud on your business

    For every $1 of fraud that occurs, it costs your business $4 in remediation expenses. With over 25 years of fraud experience under our belt, Vesta can prevent chargebacks, reduce false declines, and save time and resources on payment fraud remediation. Leave fraud protection to us so you can focus on the most pressing issues facing your business.

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