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    Vesta empowers you to amplify your fraud protection measures without sacrificing the customer experience.

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    Fraud Loss
    Increased Revenue
    Transaction Approval

    Payment Service Provider Fraud

    With fraud rising, payment protection is everything

    From false declines to account takeovers, you and your merchants are likely fighting many forms of fraud all at once. Accelerating revenue growth starts with implementing intelligent, real-time fraud solutions that ensure pinpoint accuracy for all transactions. Vesta enables you to minimize false declines and chargebacks through advanced machine learning and AI that snuffs out fraudulent transactions while approving more legitimate ones.


    of merchants find managing fraud without impacting customers a key challenge to their business


    account takeover fraud attempts to steal from consumers and eCommerce merchants swelled 282% from 2019 to 2020


    merchants lose 75 times more potential revenue to false declines of customers than the actual cost of fraud

    Instant Approvals Empower your merchants to enable fast, seamless transactions for their customers — while increasing their approval rate up to 97%.
    Zero Risk Merchants increasingly value PSPs that stop fraud on their behalf and, in turn, maximize revenue. Vesta’s zero liability guarantee ensures that, if we approve fraud, we cover 100% of the cost, giving both you and your merchants total peace of mind.
    Backed by AI Fraud is always evolving. Stay on top of it with Vesta’s graphical machine learning approach, trained on over 25 years of transaction data and millions more every second.

    PSP Solutions

    Real-time prevention, end-to-end protection

    Deploy advanced analytics for full fraud prevention with increased transaction approvals within milliseconds. Vesta enables you to layer account protection on top of fraud prevention for a full suite of solutions — from device fingerprinting to risk-based assessments — that address the core causes of PSP fraud.

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    Lower costs, higher revenue

    Vesta removes the need for manual reviews and enables you and your merchants to streamline the payment approval process. Guaranteeing the cost of fraud, increasing approvals and securing accounts from malicious fraudsters, Vesta’s solutions can boost revenue for merchants up to 10-20%.

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    One of PayMongo’s strong points is our robust fraud detection system. Still, we continue to improve and innovate. With its track record, Vesta is a natural choice for PayMongo to help us amplify the protection we give our merchants.

    Francis Plaza | Co-Founder and CEO, PayMongo

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