A complete payments solution with integrated fraud protection

    Vesta's comprehensive approach improves financial performance through increased acceptance of payments and lower operational costs, and "future-proofs" merchants against evolving payment, technology, and regulatory challenges.

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    Frictionless payment experiences with zero fraud liability and full compliance

    You can give your customers consistent checkout experiences using a variety of payment methods across all your channels. Unlock additional customer segments through support of alternative and local forms of payments, including recurring transactions.

    Learn how Vesta can help you grow your sales, achieve compliance, and delight your customers.

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    More sales, less work, happy customers

    With Vesta Payment Guarantee (Enterprise Acquiring) you can focus on your revenue while eliminating heavy lifting, including payment compliance and fraud management. It allows you to retain full control over customer interfaces and touchpoints while reducing your PCI-DSS and regulatory compliance obligations — all fraud-free.

    Additional revenue

    You can generate incremental revenues through segmented 3D Secure support and a reduced number of declined payment due to false negatives.

    Better conversion rates

    Vesta customers are able to increase conversion rates and reduce abandonment of transactions by offering highly optimized payment pages.

    One customer view

    Eliminate customer payment data silos with a single integrated solution that provides 360 degree view of a customer from both payment and fraud perspectives.

    Guaranteed fraud protection

    All Vesta-approved transactions are backed by our famous zero fraud liability to drive the cost of fraud to zero.

    Global expansion made easy

    To help you expand geographically, scale, and capture more of the value chain, Vesta uses a global acquiring strategy with a country-specific approach on an infrastructure and domestic multi-acquirer setup.

    Your digital transformation, fraud free

    Learn how you can grow your revenue by delivering secure, frictionless customer experience and maximizing acceptance of payments.

    See the difference Vesta makes

    Broadening accessibility to, and confidence in ACH payments helps advance that vision by giving consumers and merchants a secure, convenient, friction-free payment option.

    Lowell Putnam | Head of Partnerships, Plaid

    The Vesta team was extremely helpful during our integration - both through an API for a custom app and through an eCommerce platform plugin. The integration only took about 4 weeks, and we are very satisfied with our risk approval and chargeback rates.

    Matt Frye | CEO, CardNow

    Discover your untapped potential with Vesta

    Learn how you can use Vesta Payment Guarantee (Enterprise Acquiring) to drive more conversions and unlock additional revenue.

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