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    Via Payment Guarantee, we ensure the fear (and cost) of fraud doesn’t stand in the way of your company’s potential.


    Payments Assurance

    Free yourself from the fear (& cost) of fraud

    For most businesses, dealing with chargeback fraud is a massive undertaking. The time and money alone it takes to remedy chargebacks is staggering, but worse still is the fear of payment fraud that can result in 3% of legitimate transactions being declined. When false declines and chargebacks rear their ugly heads, Vesta's fraud coverage removes liability from your business and ensures you don’t pay a dime in rectifying fraudulent transactions.


    Merchants can lose up to $146 in revenue for every transaction that is responsible for an authorization-related chargeback


    is the average percentage of orders declined by merchants due to suspected fraud


    of transactions that Vesta marks as “approved” are covered by our fraud chargeback guarantee


    Support for all channels & payment types

    With omnichannel support, Vesta ensures payments are free of fraud, whether they’re placed through web, mobile, or tablet. We also empower your shoppers to have options when it comes to how they pay, allowing you to support debit, prepaid, Apple Pay, eCheck, and more.

    The Payment Guarantee Guide

    Check out our product guide on Vesta’s Payment Guarantee fraud protection solution.

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    Make the move to a complete payment gateway

    With Vesta’s Payment Guarantee Acquiring, you’ll be able to process multi-currency payments, ensure compliance, and automate dispute resolution. Say hello to the turnkey payment processing solution that enables you to simplify operations and charge ahead.


    Keep fraud down & revenue up

    Better, smarter, and faster fraud detection puts more money in your pocket. Our Payment Guarantee solution safeguards every step of the transaction process to ensure you accept more legitimate transactions, detect more fraud, and bring more revenue through the door.

    Bring your cost of fraud to zero

    Get insights into the reasons behind payment approval decisions with Vesta Payment Guarantee

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