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    Deploy an AI-based platform trained to adapt to industry fraud patterns and backed by a zero-liability guarantee. From telcos to digital wallets to eCommerce, we protect it all.

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    Fight fraud on a global scale

    Telcos are a premium target for fraud on a global scale. Anonymous prepaid cards are particularly vulnerable — but strict fraud prevention has led to ballooning costs and dipping revenue. Vesta’s instant, end-to-end transaction guarantee platform targets those precise needs, enabling telco clients to lower their true cost of fraud with over 25 years of telco-specific data.

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    lost to identity fraud each year


    in false positives flagged as fraud


    YoY increase in operational costs to fight fraud

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    Digital Wallets

    Minimize digital wallet transaction fraud

    As a purely virtual asset, digital wallets are a common target for fraudsters: they provide a direct line to many customers’ financial institutions. For merchants this may result in fraudulent top-ups or fraudulent in-app digital good purchases. Vesta’s platform analyzes billions of data points across every stage of a transaction to pinpoint suspicious behavior and respond accordingly.

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    Battle back against payment and e-ticketing fraud

    Rising fraud in the airline sector makes it hard to balance conversion rates with user verification. Leverage fraud prevention solutions that include AI, device fingerprinting, silent pending, behavioral analytics and more to combat the most pressing fraud issues facing airlines today without turning away users.

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    Stop fraud before, during and after purchases

    Online shopping adds a layer of complexity with nuances of digital and physical goods. Vesta’s platform doubles up security with risk checks at the moment of purchase and before goods are shipped to minimize CNP chargebacks and other fraud. At the same time, it prioritizes and streamlines the customer experience to maximize sales.

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    Digital Gift Cards

    Approve more legitimate eGift card purchases

    Digital gift cards are associated with the highest fraud rate of all digital products. Fraudsters favor eGift card purchases with stolen credit cards and in account takeovers scenarios because they’re anonymous, transferable, universal and easily liquidated.

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    Payment Service Providers

    Provide clients with top-tier transaction protection services

    Seamlessly integrate Vesta’s fraud detection and prevention platform and enable your clients to process more legitimate payments without the fear of fraud. Shield your business from unforeseen fraud costs while building trust with your clients.

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