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    eGift Card Fraud

    Booming sales, surging fraud

    Digital gift cards are more popular than ever — but they are also associated with having the highest fraud rate of any digital product. Fraudsters favor eGift card purchases with stolen credit cards because they’re anonymous, transferable, universal, and easily liquidated.

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    of merchants have declined orders from legitimate customers


    of U.S. revenue is lost to gift card fraud


    growth projected in U.S. gift card sales

    Make eGift cards an opportunity, not a liability

    Approve more eGift purchases

    You can grow your eGift card sales without accepting unnecessary risks. Vesta’s machine learning models learn from billions of data points to deliver up to a 97% approval rate on transactions.

    Frictionless verification

    Provide a seamless eGift shopping experience and enable customers to use their gift cards right away, without approval delays or too many identity verification steps.

    No liability

    Let more orders in without fear of fraud: every approved transaction is covered by our 100% chargeback guarantee. If we’re wrong, it’s on us.

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    eGift Card Solutions

    Preventing fraud, increasing approvals

    Approve transactions in real time while preventing fraudulent purchases. Vesta’s AI solution — including our proprietary risk decision engine and expansive data consortium — is proven to help grow revenue by addressing the pervasive causes of eGift card fraud.

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    How to grow your eGift card revenue

    By 2024, revenue lost to fear of fraud is projected to outpace eGift card sales. Check out Vesta's MRC webinar for strategies to flip that script.

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    The Vesta team was extremely helpful during our integration - both through an API for a custom app and through an eCommerce platform plugin. The integration only took about 4 weeks, and we are very satisfied with our risk approval and chargeback rates.

    Matt Frye | CEO, CardNow

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    Broadening accessibility to, and confidence in ACH payments helps advance that vision by giving consumers and merchants a secure, convenient, friction-free payment option.

    Lowell Putnam | Head of Partnerships, Plaid

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