Secure your mobile top-ups and prepaid lines

    Leading global telco companies rely on Vesta for payments, approvals, and fraud prevention.


    Telcos - a risky business

    Telcos face an influx of attacks on their online transactions, particularly prepaid lines. From chargeback management to sales prevented by false declines, fraud losses increased 28% YoY in 2021, up to $39.9B.

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    Global annual cost of fraud for telecom firms in 2021
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    Average transaction approval rate
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    Estimated losses caused due to spoofing in 2021
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    Specific challenges

    The majority of the top fraud methods in the telecommunications industry target the end consumer through spoofing, wangiri, SMS phishing, and SIM swapping. Stolen personal information causes a direct financial impact to consumers, financial service providers, and most importantly, telco businesses.


    AI/ML intelligence-based technologies are becoming increasingly relevant in modern payment fraud management systems. These ML algorithms can process complex relationships between attributes, which is challenging for static rules-based systems. Real-time training of these models allows them to differentiate real consumers from bad actors. In addition to superior performance, ML models also deliver significant reduction in manual labor.

    proven growth

    Proven revenue growth

    Boost your top-ups with a 97% approval rate and a streamlined customer shopping experience. Vesta customers have seen 10% - 20% revenue increases across their operations globally.


    Global industry expertise

    Telco companies trust Vesta to secure their transactions and provide seamless checkout experiences for their customers. Our global telco partners and their subsidiaries include five of the largest enterprises in the space.

    cost to zero

    Drive your true cost of fraud to zero

    Eliminate fraud liability and remediation costs with Vesta’s 100% chargeback guarantee. That enables you to accept more orders with peace of mind. If fraud occurs on a guaranteed transaction, we'll absorb the cost.


    Simplify your operations

    Vesta’s ecosystem and proprietary technology allow telcos to bundle payment processing, fraud prevention, enhanced customer experiences, and compliance in a single solution. Vesta’s platform simplifies your payments tech stack while cutting costs.


    Fraud fighting across any channel

    Our end-to-end payment solution is designed to safeguard mobile, web, live agent-assisted, and interactive voice response (IVR) top up services–covering all telco payment channels and touchpoints.

    “We are delighted to be extending our relationship with Vesta to include support for our PAYG digital web channel. Our focus is on making it as easy as possible for our customers to top-up over digital and voice channels while providing the very best experience across every touchpoint.”

    Product Owner, Vodafone

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    Worried about false declines? Here’s how to stop them

    Get ahead of the major fraud techniques facing telecommunications operators by targeting these four common challenges to protect your business from false declines.