Leveraging Fraud Prevention for Business Growth

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    Recognizing the Opportunities in Fraud Prevention

    Fraud is one of the greatest threats businesses face today. In a study conducted by Experian, 65% of businesses have detected a consistent level of fraudulent activity on their sites. And almost half of business executives are showing concern about the risks fraud presents to their organization.

    While businesses are well aware of how vulnerable they are to fraud, they seem to struggle to keep pace with the evolving sophistication of attacks. For most, security measures implemented are reactive initiatives that rely too heavily on traditional verification and authentication methods. The result is substandard fraud protection and a big hit to revenue caused by false positives that reject good transactions.

    Bear in mind that the real currency of online businesses is trust. Exposing your company to the risks of fraud erodes this trust. At the end of the day, even the most loyal customer who has to deal with the
    hassle and cost of a fraudulent transaction can turn their back on your business.

    There’s a better way.

    Customers feel more protected when security measures are in place.
    When executed properly, there’s a big opportunity to build customer trust and loyalty through the proactive implementation of the right security measures.

    Anti-fraud solutions can reduce internal operational cost.
    Innovative fraud-detection and prevention technology gives businesses an opportunity to protect their customers and the company’s assets while minimizing costs and making better use of limited resources.

    The right anti-fraud solution won’t disrupt customer experience for security.
    A fraud prevention system that provides robust and strategic security measures as well as automating data gathering analytics on a single, seamless platform can address these concerns and ensure better ROI for your fraud-prevention investment.

    If you're unsure where to start, we're here to help. You can request a demo of our services here.

    Vesta Corporation is a pioneer in processing fully guaranteed Card Not Present (CNP) payment transactions for e-commerce merchants. We offer scalable protection payment solutions and patented fraud protection services. We focus on protecting your revenue from chargebacks and fraud so you can focus on your company’s strategic growth.

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