eCommerce Fraud Trends You Need To Know

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    4 Emerging Trends in eCommerce Fraud

    Alternative Payment Methods are On The Rise

    Zelle, Venmo, and Square Cash will emerge as the top 3 P2P payment providers this year. Have you considered revamping your online store to begin accepting payments from these increasingly popular mobile payment apps? 

    Chargebacks Continue to Cause Headaches

    We’re talking about both legitimate CNP fraud chargebacks and friendly fraud chargebacks which are currently costing ecommerce merchants
    $80 billion annually. Friendly fraud and referral abuse are on the rise, and merchants need to take a more vigilant stand against these emerging threats.

    Omnichannel Shopping Experiences Need Automation

    Consumers rarely stick to a single channel. Wherever they find your business they expect the same great experience.  If you’re currently offering omnichannel shopping options to your customers, consider incorporating automation into your strategy.

    Massive Data Breaches are Leading to Increased ATO Attacks

    In 2018 data breaches impacted more than 2.4 billion consumers worldwide. The sharp rise in the number of data breaches is paving the way for ATO e-commerce fraud to also increase. 

    We're Here to Help

    There are things that you can do, including staying up to date with the latest fraud tactics. A strategic approach to security, and the right technology form a potent weapon for merchants to fight back and retain their competitive advantage.

    At Vesta, our one simple goal is to allow our partners to
    increase revenue by eliminating the fear of fraud.

    Our promise: Every approved transaction is covered by Vesta’s 100% fraud chargeback guarantee. If we’re wrong, the fraud is on us. We eliminate the fear and, most importantly, the cost of fraud—all with zero risk and zero liability for you and your business.

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