Movers and Shakers - Juniper Research Interview with Vesta


    Juniper Research interviewed Vesta’s Chief Product Officer, Hrishi Talwar, to get the insider perspective about fighting fraud. Vesta is the Juniper Research Future Digital Awards Platinum Winner for Best Fraud Detection and Prevention Platform.

    Juniper Research specializes in identifying and appraising high growth market sectors within the digital ecosystem.

    In this interview, Hrishi discusses some key topics in the fraud-fighting arena:

    • What are the biggest challenges in fighting online payment fraud?
    • How is the online payment market changing?
    • What role does machine learning play in fraud prevention?
    • What makes Vesta unique in this highly competitive space?

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    While Vesta has been a fraud prevention pioneer for decades, Hrishi noted, "we are rolling out some significant advancements to our award-winning fraud platform that will deliver next-level features, functionality, and most importantly, results for our clients."

    eCommerce merchants take note! This isn't just "product speak." Not by a long shot. The Vesta team is compounding it's fraud insights using graph analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning at unprecedented rates to help eCommerce merchants' online payments become even safer. This pace of innovation brings new meaning to Vesta's Charge Ahead mantra.

    The truth is that there's never been a better time to book a demo with one of Vesta's expert fraud fighters to see how we can help you increase revenue, reduce fraud and eliminate your cost of fraud. Charge ahead.



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