Eliminate Fraud Risk with Vesta’s Shopify eCommerce Extension


    Vesta’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection extension for Shopify provides real-time credit and debit card fraud decisioning for Shopify-hosted eCommerce stores.

    At Vesta, we’re laser-focused on fighting fraud. To support eCommerce merchants using the Shopify platform, we’re now offering an extension to Shopify merchants in the U.S.  

    Vesta’s Guarantee Fraud Protection extension for Shopify provides real-time credit and debit card fraud decisioning for Shopify online stores. The extension will allow merchants to automate their store’s order management workflow based on Vesta’s real-time fraud decision.  

    This extension will eliminate the fraud risk that many small to medium-sized business owners deal with every day. We eliminate the risk of fraudulent transactions, so you can have more time to focus on growing your business. 

    What Can Vesta’s Shopify Extension Do For Your Business? 

    At Vesta, we focus on bringing a high level of accuracy to fraud protection. That's why we can guarantee every card-not-present (CNP) transaction that we approve. If we’re wrong, and a merchant receives a chargeback claim, we will automatically reimburse them for the mistake. We eliminate the fear and, most importantly, the cost of fraud. 

    With the Vesta Guaranteed Fraud Protection extension for Shopify, you can expect to: 

    • Increase your transaction approval rate 
    • Eliminate chargeback remediation expenses 
    • Automated chargeback reimbursement  
    • Significantly reduce false declines 
    • Integrate the extension seamlessly into your online store 
    • Reduce checkout friction and minimize cart abandonment  

    Request a Free Trial 

    If you’re interested in learning more about Vesta's Shopify extension, sign-up now to receive a six-month free trial. You can cancel at any time and walk away with data-rich insights on your transactions.  

    Ready to put an end to chargeback fees? Start your free trial now


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